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WPF, NHibernate and the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern (MVVM)

WPF creates a whole new range of possibilities, but you can often run into trouble when trying to combine it with NHibernate. NHibernate can’t handle ObservableCollections*, which is a quite handy feature of WPF. Furthermore, what to do with the good databinding capabilities of WPF?
Shawn Duggan provides a nice solution using the **Model-View-ViewModel **pattern here. Check out this recent article by Josh Smith for a good introduction of the MVVM design pattern (with an easy-to-follow example).

  • it is possible to work with NHibernate and ObservableCollections without the MVVM pattern, by either creating your own NHibernate collection class, or by creating a wrapper around ObservableCollection. I find the solution presented by Shawn Duggan to be the most elegant, because it combines it with the MVVM pattern.

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