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Karvonite as alternative to RavenDB in a desktop application

Right now, I’m using RavenDB, but it seems to be a little overkill. It’s a great piece of software, very powerful, but a little too powerful for what I need. It handles all sorts of fancy stuff like sharding, replication, versioning, etc. I have the impression it’s made for applications that have fairly hefty requirements, […]

Running RavenDb embedded

I seem to have some trouble finding how to run RavenDb in embedded mode. This isn’t the same as my post on running RavenDb embedded for .NET 3.5. This time, I’ve already updated to .NET 4, so I should be able to use the RavenDb embedded assemblies. I’m using build 193 by the way. The […]

Running RavenDb embedded for .NET 3.5

The application I’m developing will be a stand-alone client application. Nothing fancy and business-critical, so RavenDb might be overkill, but I’m attracted to the ease of use. The application will be installed by non-technical users, so I’m not too fond of the idea of running RavenDb as a service. This will require the users to […]

Switching from NHibernate to RavenDB

In my previous post, I explained how I went about starting with RavenDB. Now I want to continue my switch from NHibernate to RavenDB. The GetAll method was fairly simple. I also have a GetOneById method in my BaseRepository, but, as I’m not using it right now, I decided to remove it (YAGNI you know). […]

Starting up RavenDB with .NET 3.5

The application I’m writing isn’t in a very far stadium yet, but I do have some implementation of repositories using NHibernate. Now I want to switch to RavenDB. So I downloaded RavenDB (the latest build at this time – build 81) and unzipped it. I wanted to follow the RavenDB Hello World tutorial, but soon […]

Data storage for a stand-alone client application

I’m developing a stand-alone client application that will be able to store a fair amount of data. No client-server stuff, just plain old open-the-application-change-the-data-save-close. I need a good way to store the data and, traditionally, developers look at SQL databases for data storage. But I’m thinking this will make it overly complex. A search for […]