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What i offer

Looking for a speaker on legacy code, technical debt, refactoring and automated tests?
Or someone to coach the team?

Consultancy & coaching

Code Assessment
and Strategy

Are you interested in the current state of your code?
Is it high or low quality? Where are the pain points?

My code assessment will give you a complete report with an overview of how good or bad the situation is, what the risks are, and where the quick wins are.

I’ll also propose a plan to tackle any possible issues so that your team can start delivering faster and more reliably again.

Hands-On Automated
Testing Course

Is your team struggling with automated tests (unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests,…)?

I’ll help them get started by giving them a hands-on course in their programming language. I’ll even code tests along with them so that at the end of the course the application has its first automated tests integrated in the CI/CD pipeline.

The team can then build on from there.

Code Quality Coach

You might be one of many smaller companies that lack a senior developer. A team of one developer or only junior developers often needs an extra pair of eyes and brains. But senior developers are costly and hard to find.

Let me help you by being a coach and partner of your team.
I’ll help them review and improve their code, provide answers to any questions they have and guide them towards better code.

And because you don’t have to hire me full-time, this is a cost-effective way of hiring a senior developer.

Ask Me Anything

If you need a sparring partner to bounce some ideas off, or if you’re looking for someone to ask questions to, we’ll set up one-hour call or chat-session and you can ask me anything about technical debt, legacy code, refactoring, code quality and automated testing.

Coaching & teaching

Courses & talks

I have several online courses that you can check out, and can come speak on your event or at your company. My expertise is code quality, automated testing and technical debt. So if you’re interested to have someone give a talk or a tailor-made course, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Can I help you
Or your company?

An image of the book "Ultimate Microservices with RabbitMQ."

New Book!

My book “Ultimate Microservices with RabbitMQ” is now out. This book is unique in how it explores both microservices and RabbitMQ. You’ll learn how to architect, build and maintain a distributed system with RabbitMQ, including what the impact on your organization will be.


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