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Readlists: compose your own ebook from web pages

Readlists is a handy web app where you can create your own ebook based on web pages.

I needed the Durandal documentation offline (to take with me on the train) and the Durandal site doesn’t offer the latest docs for download. Here’s where Readlists comes in. You just give your ebook a title, a description and the necessary links. Readlists does the rest and creates an ebook for you that you can download, send to your Kindle,…

It’s all very fast, which made me think my ebook would be incomplete, but I made an ebook with the Durandal docs in about 5 minutes. What’s extra cool is that I can share it with anybody.

Here’s the link to the Durandal ebook:

And someone made one for the Knockout docs.

Very useful when you’re going on a trip.

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