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My first post on Ghost

After having blogged on Blogger/Blogspot, for about 7 years (has it been this long?!), and having written 98 posts (this is number 99!), it’s time to move on to something more professional.

First and foremost, I now have my own domain name:

Secondly, I’ve decided to move platforms. While Blogger has served me well, it’s starting to feel old and in need of some love from Google, which it doesn’t seem to be getting.

The Ghost blogging platform attracted my attention after my colleague Tim pointed me to it. I like it mainly because of its clean, minimalistic interface. It’s also based on Node.js and highly customizable, but that’s not what really attracted me. The most intersting thing for me is the interface, the fact that it’s gaining traction and has a big community, and, very important for me, the fact that it has a Markdown editor built-in (no more messing about in the source to mark pieces of text as code for me!).

I deployed Ghost to Azure, using Scott Hanselman’s guide. To move all my posts, I used the excellend Blogger to Ghost tool.

The theme is currently the default Ghost theme, but I plan on customizing that in the future.

On last thing: if you’ve been following me via an RSS reader, you will want to remove the old feed and add the new one. You can find the new one in the menu of this site.

Thanks for hanging around and I hope to be writing another 7 years!

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