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How the time flies

Another year has passed, and so I look back at my goals and set new ones. For 2016, I had set less specific goals, but I had also set some goals I hadn’t mentioned. Maybe because I was scared to put them out there publicly and have to admit later that I hadn’t achieved any of them.

But here’s my list:

  • take my exam on Zythology (the study of beer): done
  • finish an Aurelia project: nope, haven’t even continued on it, as I no longer need it. Still a fan of Aurelia though.
  • home automation: done, albeit at a very small scale (I can currently control two lights). More on that later.
  • learn something new: done (Python, thanks to a colleague at work, more on that later too)
  • add comments to this blog: nope

I had also set myself a goal to publish at least one blog post every month, which worked out.

Finally, I released RedStar.Amounts, a .NET library for handling units and amounts very easily. I hope to continue this library in the future and maybe add support for other languages too.


I have little time for personal projects at the moment. I’ve gone freelance since 2015 (which I still plan to write about), and in 2016, I suddenly had lots of extra work (besides my main client).

One thing I won’t be doing as much in the future is websites. They take a lot of time, for little benefit (to me). Not the financial benefit per se, but from a learning/experience/fun perspective.

But one other project I’ve been working on, is a real web application, using Orchard, CQRS and Event Sourcing. That is a very fun project. I can’t say much until we launch it, but I will provide an update when it launches.

After that launches, there will be more work of course (software is never finished). I’ll see how much extra time I have for other stuff, so only then will I be setting goals.

For now it boils down to: more time due to less website work, continue working on the Orchard project.

I have some personal goals too of course, but in line with all my other posts, I try to keep this blog about software development.

Finally, I wish everyone a great 2017!

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