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Displaying your Picasa web albums on your site, with video support

In my spare time, I help maintain the website of the Ultimate Frisbee team where I play, the Ghent-based Gentle Ultimate. We have a fairly extensive amount of pictures and videos in a Google Picasa web album, which I wanted to integrate in our Drupal site.Funnily enough, there is no (good) Drupal module for integrating Picasa into Drupal. Sure, there are modules for adding albums to nodes, but none to just show all albums and let the visitor browse through them.There are two good (non-CMS-specific) libraries that help out: Picasa Web Album Integrator and pwa.js. I went with pwa.js because there was less javascript and it was simpler. Also, it fitted better in our site as it doesn’t use lightbox/fancybox/shadowbox. Okay, and I found that one before I found PWI.Nevertheless, pwa.js hasn’t been updated in a while so I tweaked it to be a bit more modern:cleaned up old code, commented code, unnecessary commentsuse div tags to display single items (albums are still displayed in tables)use css for style (like centering images)use div and css for the navigationBut most importantly for us, I added support for Picasa videos. With more and more videos of our games, it was important that visitors could view the videos directly in our site, instead of having to click through to Picasa.An extra advantage of pwa.js is that it isn’t CMS-specific. You could make a Drupal module for this (and if you know how, I encourage you to do so), but with just one javascript file, you can use it on any kind of site.The result can be found in on GitHub. If I find the time and need, I’ll add some more changes:flash video support (definitely doing this one)possibly put the albums in divs alsomore options for link texts, captions in albums (and not just when viewing a single item), etc.optionally use lightbox or similareasily show just one albumslideshow Leave a comment below (or even better, on GitHub) if there are any requests or remarks!

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