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C# string magic

In C#, you need strings often. Less often, you need a long string, but it still happens. So here’s a nice thing to know. You can split them over multiple lines without need the + operator and an Environment.NewLine call.

What you need is a verbatim string literal. Those start with an @:

@"c:\Docs\Source\a.txt"  // rather than "c:\\Docs\\Source\\a.txt"

But the extra nice thing is they can span multiple lines, making them easier to read:

  This is text on a new line.

But what if you need to add some variable text to this string? Since C# 6 we can use string interpolation, combined with our verbatim string literal:

var name = "Peter";
$@"Hello {name},
   How are you?

This works perfectly and gives us very readable code.

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