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Building Bruges Meetups

There are many meetups and events about software development in Belgium, but they’re mainly located in and around bigger cities like Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent. This isn’t always practical for people in Bruges. Which is why we’ve started a group that will organize meetups and events in Bruges.

Driving 40 minutes to an hour may not seem like a big deal to some. But doing so on a weekday, with a child that needs to be put to bed, makes it hard to attend meetups. It’s not just me, I’ve heard similar things from other people.

Somewhere in the beginning of this year, I contacted some developers who live in Bruges, and asked them if they were interested in starting a meetup group. If we can’t make it to events, let’s take the events to us!

After getting together with Julie, Lien, Jochen, Stijn and Stefaan, we got to work. I’m proud to announce that we have our first meetup planned!

On September 30, Yves Reynhout will come and talk about Event Sourcing and common problems you may encounter when implementing it. Please go and read more about it on our website and RSVP on if you’re interesting in attending.

If you can’t come, don’t worry. We’re aiming at one event every quarter. This one still counts as the event for quarter 3, so you still have one coming in 2019.

See you soon!

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