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AppHarbor, Mercurial (or Git), awesomeness

I just go my AppHarbor build to work, and can definitely recommend it if you have a project of your own. It’s a builder server and hosting in one. I switched to Mercurial for this, but it will work with Git also. I just wanted to be able to tell the girls in the club that I use Mercurial.

When I push my changes to BitBucket, AppHarbor will pull them in (it also works with GitHub, Codeplex,…), build my solution, and… wait for it… wait for it… even build my unit tests.

  • pause for dramatic effect *

I won’t explain everything in detail, but it wasn’t all that hard:

  • Register at BitBucket, or anything else that works with AppHarbor. BitBucket supports unlimited public and private repositories, but others might also.* Install Mercurial* Clone the repository* Add your code* Commit the code (the changes are still local)* Push the code to your repository (now your code is in the cloud!)* Register at AppHarbor* Point AppHarbor to your repository (you will probably have to allow AppHarbor to do this)* Have a cold beer and gloat

Now, when you push code to your repository, AppHarbor will pull it in and do the rest. It can even host your ASP.NET website, but I haven’t played with that yet.

If you have a Silverlight project, be prepared for some problems. I did, and saw quite some posts by others with equal experiences. In short, I had to add the Silverlight assemblies to my repository and reference those (instead of the ones in my Program Files folder).

Other than that, I can definitely recommend AppHarbor!

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