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My name is Peter Morlion and I help companies turn around legacy projects and help teams write maintainable code.

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Peter Morlion

Are new bugs constantly appearing in your software products? Or is the team struggling to push out new features because the system has become too complex? Is team morale at an all-time low because of high technical debt?

Let me help you get out of this situation.

Whether it’s an audit with actionable insights, team coaching or actually writing code with the team, I love improving the quality of older systems.

I have experience in a range of languages and technologies.

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Upcoming Book

Keep an eye out for my book, “Building Scalable Microservices with RabbitMQ”. This book is unique in how it explores both microservices and RabbitMQ. You’ll learn how your organization should set up and manage microservices and RabbitMQ message brokers.