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I’ve written multiple posts about legacy code and automated tests. I believed both are closely connected in that one can help solve the other. I also enjoy working on legacy code, improving software development practices and improving code quality. But this blog has always been geared towards developers, and it seems managers don’t always follow. Which is why I’ve started a new blog, aimed at managers dealing with legacy code.

Over time, I’ve come to like improving the situation around legacy code: adding tests, improving the design, changing the software development process, etc. I’ve enjoyed teaching developers about how to handle legacy code. This was mainly through my blog.

But an important piece of the puzzle in software development was missing: the managers. Developers can cry all they want about legacy code, it’s often the managers that decide what to develop. And I’ve explained why managers tend to choose features over code quality.

So it dawned to me that I may be targeting the wrong audience. Maybe managers don’t yet realized the full implications of legacy code until it’s too late. So in order to change that, I’m starting a new blog. You can find it at my company’s site,

I will be writing for non-technical managers, but even technical people may find value in it. So if you or your manager could be interested, or your manager should be interested, head over to my first post, where I try to explain what legacy code is exactly, in non-technical terms.

And don’t worry, I will still be writing on this blog too, for the more technical audience, you!

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