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What Does A Well-Factored Monolith Look Like?

Microservices are very popular right now, because supposedly, they allow you to develop, deploy and maintain them separately. It allows you to keep a clean architecture and avoid coupling. A contrasting opinion is that a monolith can do these as well, and remains simpler to deploy and support. But it should be a well-factored monolith. […]

Deleting an NDepend Analysis From Trend

If you’ve ever had to remove an NDepend analysis from a longer trend, you know it can’t be done from the UI. I had this situation when I accidentally modified some stuff that made an incorrect outlier in my trend charts: I wanted to remove that outlier. Doing so, require diving into the outputs of […]

Code Inventory

Companies that handle physical goods usually want to keep their inventory to a minimum. As software developers, we should do the same. Physical Inventory Physical inventory is all the physical goods a company owns. Think buildings, computers, furniture, but also items they will sell, either directly or assembled. Product parts for example. Or food items […]