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Refactor or Rebuild

In the land of legacy code, many teams discuss whether they should refactor the existing application or rebuild it from scratch. But the answer to this problem is more nuanced than many would like to admit. What is Refactoring? I’ve previously written about what refactoring is and why it is a valuable investment. In short, […]

Be Prepared For Leavers

A lot has been written about why software developers leave, and how you can avoid it. But you can never avoid it entirely. So you must have a way of reducing the damage you experience when someone leaves. You Can’t Keep People My father worked for Philips for 20+ years. Most of my friends and […]

The Lifetime of TODO Comments: the Results

I’ve had a longtime theory that TODO comments in code don’t get fixed any time soon. To get some numbers on this, I set out to analyze a set of GitHub repositories. You can read how I researched the lifetime of TODO comments in my previous post. In this post, I’ll look at the numbers. […]