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Releasing Legacy Code Confidently

If you own a piece of legacy code, you might be crossing your fingers every time you release a new version. Silently hoping that nothing will go wrong like last time. I’ll tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. The way out of this mess can be long and difficult, but the situation […]

Are Unit Tests Not Necessary in Serverless Development?

If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you know I develop software mostly using test-driven development AKA TDD. But while this mostly means unit tests, it shouldn’t be limited to only unit tests. At one of my current clients, we use AWS Lambda functions written in TypeScript. These are (usually) relatively small blocks […]

More Privacy with Brave and DuckDuckGo

This is 50/50 a real post and a service announcement. The short version is that I’ve removed Google Analytics from this site (and, my legacy project blog for non-technical people). I’m also using Brave and DuckDuckGo now. Read on for the long version. Google Chrome For some time, I have felt fairly (but not […]

Git rebase and autosquash

This may not be new to you, but I recently discovered another cool feature of Git. Rebasing with the autosquash option allows me to keep a clean log with minimal effort. I’ve written about interactive rebasing before. This makes it even easier. Interactive Rebasing You want to do an interactive rebase when you have a […]

We All Fail

I recently saw a tweet on my Twitter-feed about failures and how we should also share our failures, not just our successes. Everyone experiences failure, but if we don’t share them, new developers will feel it’s not OK to make mistakes. So here are some of my mistakes and what I learned from them. This […]

Unit Testing Best Practices: 7 Ways to Improve Your Tests

This post was written for the NCrunch blog. You can find the original here. Unit tests help developers write better code and provide a faster way of getting feedback compared to testing manually. But unit tests are also another piece of code that must be maintained and taken care of. Unit tests can become a […]