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Am I Using a Legacy Programming Language?

Things move fast in the software development world. Technologies come and go faster than in most other industries. Programming languages tend to stay a little longer, but at a certain point in time, you might find yourself with a legacy programming language. How can you recognize this, and how should you react? What Is a […]

Finding Unknown Bugs with Property-Based Testing

This post was written for the NCrunch blog. You can find the original here. There are many ways of testing your application or library. The test pyramid provides a good starting point to the most common types of tests—unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests, and manual tests. But there are other types of tests, like […]

Legacy Code and Security

One aspect of legacy code that is often forgotten is security. Discussions about legacy code usually center around things like maintainability, testability, cost of development and cost of running. Not so much about the security implications. Yet it is becoming an increasingly important issue that companies shouldn’t ignore. If you’ve missed my article on what […]

Can I Write Tests?

I’ve previously established that you need to automate your tests, even (especially!) in legacy projects. I’ve also covered on how to get your developers to write tests. But maybe you’re wondering if you or some other non-technical person can help write the tests. Luckily, there is a way, and I would even recommend it highly. […]

Can I Add Tests To My Legacy Project?

So you’ve acknowledged you’re stuck with a piece of legacy code. One of the things that might be missing are automated tests. Is it possible to add tests to this application retroactively? That is, write tests for features that have already been implemented? Short answer: yes! Long answer: read on… The Situation There is a […]

Fixing My Legacy Application: NDepend Rules

Here I am again with a follow up post in my series on fixing a real world legacy application. I’ve been continuing my work with NDepend and wanted to give an update on what it has helped me do. Just a small reminder: the application is a web application to make forecasts about the World […]