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2014 is so 2014

Another year has past, and I suspect many bloggers will be making lists of what happened in 2014 and what will happen in 2015. And so will I, but I’ll keep it short.

These lists are actually quite handy, because they allow you to keep track of what your goals are and whether or not you met them. Depending on your situation, you might decide you slacked too much, or maybe you had too many goals. Or unrealistic ones. Or maybe you met all your goals and in that case, good for you!

Revisiting my post from the previous year, I can list what I achieved and what I didn’t.

Didn’t achieve:

  • Acquire 2 Microsoft certifications: this is a subject for a future post, but those who know me, know I’m in the non-believer-camp regarding certifications.
  • Finetune pwa.js, FlitsLogo: these are still on the mental to-do-list, but aren’t very high in priority.
  • Migrate my blog: still very much want to do this.
  • Finish my course on beer: I’ve actually read and studied the material, but I still need to plan the exam.
  • Kitesurfing: oh well 🙂


  • Find and follow a good training: I attended ngEurope this year where I really learnt a lot. Also Techorama, but ngEurope was more interesting for me because it’s outside of the traditional Microsoft-world where I’m in most of the time. (Though I will most likely be attending Techorama again this year)
  • Write a Drupal module: I did write a Drupal module for my frisbee team. Actually, I wrote several custom modules. There’s still a lot of work to be done there, but I’m happy with what I have already. Also, it’s already being used on a site with 140+ users.
  • Write a SPA: I wrote a web application to have a small contest with some friends during the World Cup. The code isn’t pretty, but it worked and wasn’t meant to be a long-term project anyway. But I did learn Angular that way.

Didn’t plan, but achieved:

  • Start my own company: I am now a freelance developer, so that’s exciting. More on that later.
  • Learnt Cordova: but I still regard myself as a beginner. 

And finally, plans for 2015:

  • Finish the Cordova mobile app I’m writing for my frisbee team
  • Push out some changes I’ve made to my 8cam Windows Phone app.
  • Maybe: rewrite FlitsLogo in HTML5 and javascript (using Cordova) so I can put it on multiple platformsThis list is definitely shorter than my 2014-list. But with starting my own company I suspect there might be a little less time, plus there are also personal/private goals I have set. And I tend to avoid putting too many private stuff on the internet.

So there is my list for 2015. Let’s hope I can achieve these things.

And with that, I wish you a great 2015 and good luck with your goals!

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